Yanaka: a historic town with some cute, lazy cats

Yanaka- probably the best of all hidden spots in Tokyo.

You might see a few tourists walking around the cat town but it doesn’t disrupt the authentic feel of the area.

Yanaka is known for surviving dramatic events that hit Tokyo: the earthquake of 1923 and bombardments during World War II.

Called a "temple town" or "cat town" for its high number of small temples and cats lying lazily. The neighbourhood is home to about 60 Buddhists temples located near the Yanaka cemetery, the biggest graveyard in Tokyo where many famous historic figures lie to rest, such as Tokugawa Yoshinobu, the last shogun of Japan.

A walk in Yanaka will bring you back in time with the retro shops’ front doors, with little urban gardens and old posters, which make the streets photogenic. Don’t forget to visit Yanaka Ginza for a tea break and immersion in the everyday life of locals busy with their grocery shopping.

Finish your tour of Yanaka with a visit to Nezu Shrine. A quiet yet very beautiful shrine where you can see a beautiful tunnel of Torii (you will feel “Kyoto” Inari Shrine for a moment!).